Just Witnessed Some Foul Sh*t…

2 young girls couldnt have been no more than 11 or 12 ( conservitely )   were approaching the corner where some goofy looking squares were standing. One of them pressed up on the young girls these dudes hand to have been in theyre mid to late 20s, the main one actually gaming these little girls looked around 30 to me. ( “oh babe yall smell so good” his exact words ) . I had a compultion to chop every last one of them down right there with a AK 47. I have 2 young nieces myself these are little girls man. I shook my head at them as I passed by f*ing fags.


These cowards make it hard for decent brothas, these little girls grow up with issues & attitudes  from having to deal with this type of unacceptable behavious on the part of  some so called “grown men” doesnt take many experiences and none says or does anything to stop it. Not all or MOST black men behave this way thats a given, so If you dare say I am “capeing” I have to question you my kin, I dont care how backwards & retarded this world has become if you saw what I saw you would say the same things I have said probably. Acting blind eyed to bullsh*t that goes on in our neighberhoods MUST stop, nuff said.

I “snitch” believe me. I’m not letting these degenerate MF’s that “blend in” among decent black folks ( the majority actually ) reign supreme. The biggest issue I have is mothers who know they re sons are doing wrong yet defend them to no end. I have experience with an aunt with this typical rhetoric . Her sons are general F ups  yet she hypes them up and defends them in conversation with me as if I give a F … I NEVER mention them because as she goes into her rant  it sounds like sea gulls are flying around my f*ing ears or “The Hounds Of Hell”  from “the lord of the ring” or even fingernails ascraping a white board whatever, unf*ing-bearable squawking…


They are both comfortable NOT changing for the better so it is what it is face it. She says sh*t just to see my facial expression , I go stoic when she goes into how her sons are bad “but” trying, BS… They love the street life  and the streets will bury them,so be it. She actually called me 5AM in the morning not to long ago asking had I seen her son because a body turned up in her neighberhood in some remote corner lifeless and she was too ashamed to go see if it was her son. Yall defending these drains on our neighberhoods is whats destorying our communitys, your enabling…


And to my brothers we have to start adressing foul sh*t we see, silence is to accept. We need to form neighberhood patrols and get these racist ass cops out of our bussiness too, they are just agitators mostly, actually they NEED criminals to justify theyre existance.Here in Miami police are actally being laid off ( thank god ) and many of them ARE the criminals themselves anyway so who gives ( dont get me started on poice corruption in Dade ) . I have no disrespect for cops, I wish more good brothers & sisters were cops but obviously they are working more for a pay check than anything, including rightousness ( a given ) . But I digress…





~ by BE LIKE WATER on September 12, 2011.

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