I Ain’t In No Ways Tired (especially dedicated to the chronically cynical Fs) …

A giant F YOU goes out to bland cynical b*tches end of…

As you move towards building your own kingdom, a heaven HERE on earth as it were. The gravity pull on your life energies downward is eventual, pressing. It causes us to bring into question our “epicness”. The mind HATES to struggle, the people in mass rise to the normalization point, which = androidism ( herd behavior ) , contentedness in the  bland , perhaps colorful and fragrant ( artificially so ) as in over sensory stimulation via violent entertainment simulated visuals sex ( porn ) artificial sweeteners ( coke )  and of course the  fatty oily crunchy flavored pallet, an all you can eat buffet…

If your fortunate like me and NOT beset with a weighted heart travel on my kin, just some Ether on offer today to the builders (salute ) . When they ask condescendingly so, all be it “oh, you STILL do that” ( as if you should have quit on your grind by now  ) just smile and promptly exit on “they” ( ebonically correct MFs )  petty phony asses. Continue building regardless as to age, bank balance, and social status, whatever you like. Since it’s such a giant marker that defines people’s sense of self I will break down the age as a concern. Age is such a western world hustle, rarely has the question of my age been asked through my travels abroad it’s not even a daily thought. My sense is that age marketing is super strong here in the states thus age consciousness among the masses is instilled to be milked ( $$$ ).

Fire back, against the pull down by the weary and subjected to numbers games. Continue on my kin F these cowards.



I’m on some chill cool out ish walk with me …


~ by BE LIKE WATER on September 13, 2011.

2 Responses to “I Ain’t In No Ways Tired (especially dedicated to the chronically cynical Fs) …”

  1. Blessed

  2. thanks for the vibes as always fam



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