F*ing Manners ( a blessed upbringing ) …

Manners are a sort of “self-respect” projected outwardly, they are easily recognizable. We’re not talking mere “politeness” here, nor political correctness HELL NO, more of a godly demeanor, that’s how we roll. The decency & regard that causes haters to boil over with envy upon its sight. As they know manners communicate class – no matter rich or poor, they open doors (both meanings) . The actor keen enough to weigh his outcomes, is fully capable of wreck less action towards others and to self moreover. But recognizes the likelihood of clashes to come, and opts to handle business a certain way, some call it “manners” (smoothness).


Manners as opposed to none whatsoever…


Sure manners get tested by those lacking in them fair volley I agree, and I say “the M Gloves come off” when dealing with those fools (keep it thorough). Fools mistake common courtesy for lameness or slowness in error that is to be expected. People with manners can ast a fool too as a matter of fact, the mannered simply avoid senseless heat as the saying goes – I got bigger fish to fry. I rage against corrupt programming but I can’t find any harm in being raised with good manners, it was actually a blessing as I see. Rude b*tches are the order of the day and is it a surprise to see them stuck on a low station in life, being absent of light. The best counter to rude MS’s id to leave them standing there holding sh*t in hand. What was intended for YOU, see pass; handle your business in that certain way NOT because of anything besides self-respect as the kingdom unfolds…




~ by BE LIKE WATER on September 14, 2011.

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