Floyd Mayweather = Most Unapologetically Black Athlete In Decades… But don’t take my word for it…

A true mark of genius is the ability to transcending the primary medium – ST

Water knows no limits …

Mayweather is breaking all the unwritten yet obvious rules so far as getting “white-man’s” money, black athletes following entry into the NBA NFL as examples, have traditionally become silent to social issues once “drafted” ( shout out to Tiger Woods too ). It has long been my theory that black athletes were some of the MOST  superman complex having AA. The average black person supports this slavish behavior too which explains volumes.  Clearly illustrated in HBOS 24 Ortiz vs Mayweather its obviously framed to suggest Ortiz has endured the most hardship of the 2 Floyd rightfully strikes back.

Which brings me to my point; as black men, were expected to suffer in silence endure unthinkable hardship as normal. And IF and when we escape the social psychological noose we are to be somehow thankful & humbled by life. F that …Speak the truth, shame the devil.

This was written with limited time will extract more ether later


~ by BE LIKE WATER on September 15, 2011.

One Response to “Floyd Mayweather = Most Unapologetically Black Athlete In Decades… But don’t take my word for it…”

  1. I’ve always like Mayweather. People hate his arrogance but don’t understand arrogance and shit talking has been a part of the sport for long ass time! Win or lose at the end they both most likely give respect to each other and that’s it. Well I can’t say what Mayweather will do because HE’S NEVER LOST BITCHESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 41-0 BABY CRY MOTHAFUCKAS TAKE THAT HOME AND CRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

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