Immediately Following Defeat ( mind ether ) …

Oftentimes defeat befalls us when we overestimate our own readiness in contrast to whom or what we are at war with          ( loosely ) . These days classic half-witted confidence reigns supreme. We feel ready to box against a well trained fighter without first building up wind or boxing technique of our own whatsoever, the outcome is always the same. I like to interweave the folly of over estimating ones self in here now, as it is the enemy of us all. It is the stinging pain while looking back, seeing where room was left for exploit, through the foothold of misguided faith. Immediately following defeat the heart & mind are stunned with tax, as none enjoys loss. Beyond the pain is where we must pay close study, so what is the proper mind frame to adopt on the heels of a crushing defeat…

It is important, it is of utmost import as I see, to re-enter battle immediately after defeat. Let us not resolve to  nurse our wounds with the passage of time, heal through winning,  through rigor…

The mind tends towards habit, b*tch slap the mind by disallowing its predisposition towards avoidance of pain. Now I  vow NEVER again to defeat myself  through sloth & laze finally.



~ by BE LIKE WATER on September 16, 2011.

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