Energy Drink Review ( a stupid experiment ) …

Energy Drink review …

Just tried it for the second time ( ignorance ) FRS “Healthy Energy”  ( I cant believe an elite athlete like Lance Armstrong would lend his name to this… ) ( got 42 cases with 6 cans per case as promo at work ) & again it made me paranoid AF. I only downed 1/4th a can what in the F is in this sh*t, lets see…

I’m going to skip all the niceties that begin the list ( convienantly ) and read bottom up.

Riboflavin B2
Hydrochloride B1
Pyridoxine Hydrochloride B6
Cyanocobalamin B12
Niacinamide B3
Caffeine ..

What in the heck, on the front of the can are these wild claims

All natural
healthy energy
no artificial sweeteners flavors or colours
contains 3% fruit juice

These claims are blatant lies but obviously “lawyer approaved”, I can hear some corporate lawyer in rebutal saying “isnt everything natural since it was created on “planet earth” ( straight faced ) . So consumers are left with a false sense were doing something healthy ( so whats am I selling you may ask ) .

I notice a trend where these popular health drinks are claiming to actually “be healthy”, FALSE. As We the consumer become more knowledgable and discering about what we well – CONSUME, advertisers will continue to make incremental marketing changes & continue to tell blatant lies because by law these wild claims dont even have to be substantiated under the classification of “dietary supliment” … I’m actually drawing a blank after drinking this crap I cant finish a sentence FRS is crap. There, I just took 1tbs activated charcoal powder with a glass of water and finally shaking this  dizziness.  Avoid if at all possible my kin .




~ by BE LIKE WATER on September 17, 2011.

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