I’m in my zone ( on my Noah ish ) …

The zone is the ish, I feel like Noah parting the red sea and sh*t. I’m in Miami the fliest city for islanders like myself. Not in the sense of heritage though I am often thought to be from somewhere else, not necessarily planetary either, perhaps from the Ethers( ? ) .  Real talk, after you read this go soak in some cool breeze for a few, recharge , the global brain will still be humming along upon your return.  Yes, the global brain, How I enjoy scribing my name into the clouds . Its cathartic if anything,I know people feel me because I am you. How in the heck can anyone say this is accidental. Some kid in some remote corner of the planet in some makeshift hut is connecting to a super computer bringing new possibilities into consciousness possibly sealing completely generational poverty. I feel life is divine worth ever inch of struggle every inch.

I’m not reailing against sh*t today just soaking in the cool breeze and emiting str8 ether to my kin and all them.




~ by BE LIKE WATER on September 17, 2011.

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