Disarm (drop the will to survive) …

Surf with water on the go ( just vibing)

Disarm (drop the will to survive) …

You smoke crack don’t you, why don’t you just jump – Lean on me

Are we talking “giving up on air” (has ST completely lost it), nope – quite the opposite… We’re talking – embracing our struggles to the max. Survival mode is in essence, living with less than what is desirable out of ignorance, weathering, rather than “attacking life”. Making do, scraping by, all of this falls below “survival” (walk with me).
The will to survive has us constantly avoiding death as opposed to living fully; we are in essence waiting to die. Since I mentioned the D word, as it may be lingering let me now state, we’re all going to die (shocked?), avoiding its inevitability is quite fruitless is it not. Now that we cleared that up on to the business of dancing to our graves, shall we…
I find that as of late I am constantly writing on war or tactical dealings all preemptive measures. Perhaps by avoiding the likelihood of conflict for so long in my own life and flying the “peace makers” banner; war is new to me and refreshing. I’ve only dealt with its beauty in passing but never in earnest like I have as of late. I feel right at home in war, breathing in the spirit of battle into my bloodstream, yes I have discovered how it is INDEED possible to fight a righteous war. I will go on further to say that MORE who call themselves “spiritual” or “conscious” are charged to enter the area of fire, to forgo our call is sin. Before, I would dismiss such notions as, “fluffy nonsense”.

Today I mark a growing awareness in my own right, a maturity not unlike shedding of one’s old dusky skin (happily).
Moving without deliberation is the ultimate, the F*ing ultimate I tell you. The change from avoid to embrac, from cautious to capricious means we are at one with all things beyond the prescribed maze we are to labor in. Unseen forces intervene on our behalf, we appear as mystics to the blind not knowing what it means to disarm.



~ by BE LIKE WATER on September 18, 2011.

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