Raw is War (another money may inspired entry ) …

Raw is War (another money may inspired entry ) …

Perhaps in a more “peaceful context” I would see things differently, but were talking boxing here my kin – BOXING. – ST

Those who would have you to fight them on “they’re terms” (albeit ) . Are they not using invisible tactics (?) …
In today’s world the mode is “indirection”, that is to say. It is RARE for our foe’s to make apparent aims to crush us. Instead they come sideways and work against us by shadowy feathery means. Context: You catch ill vibes from a character yet dismiss it as “overreaction” perhaps. When people show you who they are we should BELIEVE THEM. Accept the truth; an ill plot is afoot against us however unfounded it may seem. Declare war; do not be taken by surprise. Now illuminate the scene, beat the ground to make the serpents scurry, remove the veil of ambiguity. As we eliminate smoke altogether from the equation, the foe will revert to peaceful posturing, and “feign” accord, perfect ( cowards ) .

We want the foe to know that we know what we know and we are prepared by any means for action. They will then begin to see you as unpredictable & perhaps not worth the trouble. We win without bloodshed double excellent. ( shout out Sun Tzu ) . Bless



~ by BE LIKE WATER on September 18, 2011.

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