Simply Adrift ( the bachelor chronicles) …

Simply Adrift ( the bachelor chronicles) …

Float like a boat on the open sea – Special Ed
Today was epic I’ve made a conscious choice ( on my life ) to expect ONLY favorable outcomes “no matter” what I am confronted by I totally – totally – totally ( I said ) TOTALALY REFUSE to be molded by “envelopment” seriously.

The ladies were super fly and choosing too, this one particular jazzy spanish chic, how to describe … Fit yet curvy easily an 8 face classic beauty with the whole has travels to Italy by herself before vibe judging by the exotic hanging earrings they had to have come from somewhere remote ( like Italy ). As she passed I smiled at her and she gave back an inviting gaze as she hovered a few feet ahead of me waiting for me to open her.

I’m on some dumb sh*t looking for 12 grain bread didn’t think it was on ( sigh ) .I didn’t go in, then suddenly she slowly moves off ( dam so F*ing fly ) down the aisle ( F* I thought ) I know saying ANYTHING beats stasis ,I know I know I know it’s that I felt I had waited for too long and would only make a fool of myself by now. Suddenly she bussed a U-turn back in my direction on the opposite side by the soy milk she’s a healthy chic too I think looking in her cart nothing but salad & sh*t just enough for her no hot pockets and sh*t means no kids I reason, exactly my type F***

Its clearly on, all I have to do is APPROACH, you know what I do I F*ing jet up the aisle and watches her reaction she’s obviously hovering what a fag I bus a left only to be faced with the OTHER chic that was giving me vibes earlier on she ditched her company ( mom & grandma ) and now I had free reign to go in. We exchange gazes its definitely there ( vibes ) but yet again I am “surprised” its as if all the hot chics lately are placing themselves in my path to get spit at and I over think the sh*t constantly .

Disappointment sets in and my “vibe” which is attracting them like moths to my glow is tested then I resolve to just be cool and enjoy the “experience” which I do. I happen to be in the checkout lane of a “sister” ( I won’t share it ) . I’m not into downing my sisters ( attitudes ) I swear only to say I’m not that dude. You greet ever one else in your line and THEN when I’m up you get cold and short why why why what have I done ?. WHAT GIVES. Then your staring at me on some rude sh*t the whole time not my type sorry but the entitlement sh*t never fails, it’s so retarded it boggles, let me quickly digress thanks…

In defense of my sisters later on that day i’m at my CVS you know why, the Emerald cashews EXACTLY its my stomping ground we dont have a wild oats or farmers market nearby ( mc Donalds popeyes chicken animal parts chinese resturant ) so i’m always in there if not for water its cashews and today the sister was like I will hook you up if I can get a hug I said if you hook me up with 2 free we got a deal shes was like then thats 2 hugs I reach over the counter and squeeze that ass & am hooked up.  I buy five at a time so its win win shes ” cool” I like her vibe and  body wise you already know, would smash in a second…

Moving on,
I later visited my uncle who is more like a father since my dad was always away when I was younger. We would spend most of the time at my cousins, my sister and I as my mom was out of our lives permanently since I was about 5. I might explain more about this in the future depending… Anyway my uncle I have always admired the guy. Family oriented would give his last to help anyone. Entrepreneurial, real OG as real as it gets. When I went to Spain with my record label at the time dude gave me 1000$ and told me to enjoy life to the fullest. I indeed had the time of my life made lifelong friends. When I’m stuck on stupid & need to feel a super rush of vibes all I have to do is say Spain ( my mantra) and immediately I am catapulted upwardly. I owe the guy a lot I was able to leave the matrix for a time with his sponsorship and that has changed my whole world view on some Malcolm x sh*t truly. I came back to the states anew…
We talked about not getting bogged down by negative folks and being powered by positivity & it’s funny because as you well know I wrote about something similar  early today prior to passing by my uncles house, chance? Yeah right…

I tell my uncle I have to jet and do some writing and I bounce…  When I say I need I mean I NEED to go and write some things down on paper, I went to my park found an empty bench with perfect shade from some tree with unusual blooms and what appeared to be string beans hanging from its branches, you couldn’t tell me I wasnt at some upscale resort in Barbados real sh*t. Anyway I  wrote goals down on 2 cards. That sh*t works funny as it sounds the written word = intentions and we all have heard the phrase power of intentions haven’t we. And sense I’m just drifting on page I will go ahead and wind it down here upload this and proof read it. For some myseterous reason ONLY when I post a new article up do actual discrepancies appear , go figure.



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  1. i find this a bit hard to define however its written by someone i know and ergo i know what hes saying …save my comments till later

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