What Are We Made Of ( sink or swim ) THE EDGE…

What Are We Made Of ( sink or swim ) THE EDGE…

Is that why we dive from hills to prove we are alive(?) – ST

This f*ing intrigues me … Why are most people broken so EASILY ( twig hearted ) by the least hardships whereas others who have “been to Hell itself” and back manage to rebound and are winning, heaven only knows. I’m going to be out front and say I give almost no air time to individuals whom, have surcumb to the high tides of life for refusing to push ashore ( at least “dog pedal” MFs I think ) . I too loathe anyone ANYONE who lives in his or her “past scars” as some sort of victim/survivor empowerment BS . Dont let them lull you into they’re honey laced trap “reminiscing” on the good old days then detouring smoothly into YET again more “ancient sh*t” perhapse a time ago he or she “helped you” like 20 + years ago ( bait and swich ) and of course NOW they require our help . F* that. Obviously we help those who at least show heart as we see fit but people have become weak as F* … How in the F did victim hood become a hustle, oh, but it is, people make a living by it ( raising awareness/attracting more negativity by focusing there ).

Your probally thinking ST I hope nothing ever happens to YOU that you cant rebound from .Your probally hoping something DOES happen to me which I cant rebount from whatever … I have witnessed some foul sh*t in my life I wont prove it here, obviously i’m writing from a some referance point I’m not that dude that just writes to be writing, art for arts sake obviously I cant NOT write dont you think I know of what I speak, I digress …

The question of what are we made of needs to be asked ever so often. Reflect on a couragous act youve displayed. Reflect on how you escaped the streets perhaps or how you came inches from losing you life and are here to tell the tale, how you unreasoned ending it all. These things give us a glimpse of what were made of. Which brings me to this, the edge. Thats where your confronted with a unavoadable situation and prevail or peril ( sink or swim ) . Its a pivotal moment which holds your fate. All rests in the balance, do or drown.

If you have never been tested in this way as I see your not fully alive ( sorry ) . To an extent I agree with the statement blessed are those who struggle as only through fire is iron forged into a sword( that wasn’t too Cliché now was it ) . I call it “creating yourself“, its fun as F* .

Politicians !

Why wont we admit that the politics game is fraught with cancerous lies and is beyond fixing at this time. The Jesse Venturas & Ralph Naders are about as common as say shooting stars and super novas F* it sasquatch & loch ness sightings by Stevie Wonder ( hows that for over kill ) . Those who would speak on our behalf have never worked a day YES a single day in theyre life as I so define work. That is to avoid eating a few days to make rent or to compromise ones potential for a time to achieve great goals long term ( = work ). These people have not been tested and many fold when confronted with the least feathery happening. I’m pissed AF that the usual suspects are comeing strong with the centemental voting shtik about who died for us to have the right to vote I wish they all get …

Let me not say that, I hate how peoples emotions are raped every election cycle & have nothing to show for it except feel good rhetoric ive gone off on the deep end so let me exit back into the abyss all the best my kin…



~ by BE LIKE WATER on September 21, 2011.

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