A Plentiful Harvest My Kin ( plus shots fired ) …

A Plentiful Harvest My Kin ( plus shots fired ) …
F worldstar F mediatakeout & oh I would be remiss in passing up this opening F rossy too & the average tweet and facebook update F F F ( shots fired ) …

As I scan the net its apparent how vampid things actually be’s. True enough pockets of light exists ( rise&grind.com obsidianfiles the gary null show & others ) . But the majority gather like malasses, drunk off the gossipy glossy & colorful illusions ( b*tchassness ) . What can be done( ? ) THIS…

And MORE light bringers MUST take to the sky ( internet ) make your presence known on here…

A work in progress back in like 3 hours … – ST


I hate when I have to break the spell of a writing then continuing later on, but it has to be done…

I think 2012 is more so a conscious awaking if anything, many may find my take anticlimactic so be it. I recognize the change in myself as any change emanates from within I see all around people fighting the righteous war ( has  nothing to do with Islam I promise ) .  People are simply choosing not to be robots choosing not to be emotional machines choosing not to be android fodder, EPICNESS…

back in a few – ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on September 22, 2011.

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