Run Towards your “Problems” ( destroy inertia ) …

Throw the sh*t into the heart furnace or thought crucable – ST

Being as I am “self scientific” by heart ( shout out to SS )  i’m my prime experiment unlike a typical “scientist” who test hypothesis on rats say,  more oft than not do F*ed up sh*t to “other” lifeforms deemed lesser, YET wouldn’t think of testing on themselves.  I test myself in the most positive healthy respect, my research findings I offer you waterist readers my kin.

Run to your woes

Yesterday my comrade went through some ill ish on the home front which will remain nebulous to you. Just know that “police” were involved. If your like me a black man your also aware of this true Americana ; even the most causal exchange between black men and the  police can spiral into chaos  with a misconstrued flinch & a hairpin trigger.  My brother is fighting for “child custody” of his son nuff said…

Anyway, I had to fire my boxing coach yesterday , dude is F*ed up man, its no small wonder to me why dude landed on such a hard road . I only hope I too do not through ignorance. Anyway we are about to say to hell with training for today, as we had real life happenings unfolding and running seemed stupid & trivial at the time. F that I said , son we doing what we normally do, run next to the road in high AF unkept saw grass for a few miles, over.

I offer to you running as meditation running as a  crucible running as supreme direction. As many of the mental hurdles experienced during the run;  fatigue, choking , stress &  second guessing all translate into overall “life acumen” where all these similar happenings apply. Throw that sh*t into the furnace, you will be hyped by the clarity presented to you upon landing.  You will power through the chaos you will prevail over inertia… Real spit



~ by BE LIKE WATER on September 22, 2011.

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