Cowards – ( the heart recession )…

Most cower – ST

Most are governed by fear & greed  – ST

We make unfair concession to avoid “rocking the boat” yet carry ourselves in a proud manner in the face of our neighbors. I’m vexed with how empty in spirit we’ve become. What in the f*uck is going on man, coined 9-22-2011 “The heart Recession” people have no nerve these days. Don’t fret the feigned bravado these punks dont wan’t war as I said before the battle field of today is tant amount to emotional manipulation ( posturing ) . None really want to risk real harm for upholding a contrived persona…

Work in progress back in about 3 hours – ST

below are my notes not sorted out yet 

art I am charged with the work of painting the world as it really is.  The raw uncut…

What troubles me most recently is the pretentiousness of  utter fools. I mean, the most ignorant among us are the most arrogant and steadfast in stupidity. F*cking social climbers with no spine to be authentic.  Woman have a entitlement air without substance beyond looks. Dudes are chasing the worst types of

I hadn’t hit me up until now, to what extent the coward gene is prevalent among us. I have written songs about it before, the “compulsions for conformity” for example that song was written back in like 1992 I was still in high school.


~ by BE LIKE WATER on September 23, 2011.

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