Life Happening…

Today we sacraficed our lives for a complete stranger. I cound not stop myself from running to the scene of the accident if only to help in some way. What happened : A guy looses it in his car and crashes into a house car overturns. Amid the smoke and leaking fuel we ripped the hedges loose enough that dude could get fresh air he was cognizant but F we couldnt move him he was stuck people in the background kept yelling wait for the fire resuce to get there ( f*ing cowards ) it was dumb.

The F*ing mans life and ours will be ended if some spark ignites and these fools are worried about formalitys shows how entrenched our programing I F*ing grab my sh*t and cross the road to my bike and a woman begains to question me about it. I just didnt want to talk but she kept asking questions and I said maam he crashed into that house and I pointed to it as I caught out.

Life is too f*ing thin to be tripping i’m telling you. As I see …

You feel a certain way when your life is potentially in the balance I currently am in that state now. Why I ran towards danger I dont know why the other dudes did I cant say it was automatic. I’m going to run F this …



~ by BE LIKE WATER on September 23, 2011.

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