Rightous War ( no nonesense spiritualness ) …

Rightous War ( no nonesense spiritualness ) …

Right NOW I should be @ The WallStreet Rebellion – ST

To teem with vigor/energy to nourish to nurture to expand to brighten we are charged. That which would limit stifle or mute our expression we must fight. Be unwavering with your banner of life. We are here to transform until pure scores of energy not unlike a star.

Spiritual – ( I got this definition from a very very OLD & heavy dictionary ) “Not centered in material or worldly things” ( that MEANS to me ) we are NOT here soley to protect the flesh our bodys . We are governed through the fear of “bodily harm“.

Every fear when made naked is actually the fear of death; are we not MORE than our shells, we are reduced to our shells to be steered like cattle ( a cattle’s fate ) .

We are sensitized towards violence and its power. We are made “physical” thereby muting our spiritual nature which has us under control through feathery means. We should hate physical violence yet we should forgo the fear of death and embrace the spiritual fight. Fighting back for life against ignorance .

Do not be reduced, constantly we should rise my kin, do not be reduced to the physical level . Fight those who would cripple us spiritually thereby hinder our ability to nourish our shells. There is nothing greater than this work, keeping a high vibration , there is no greater cause than to radiate light all else will follow ( I tell myself )  . Beyond words. We are not machines…

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~ by BE LIKE WATER on September 25, 2011.

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