Warming Up To Running ( you will yet be a runner ) …

Heat will make anything move – Khujo

The Nikes cliché “just do it” may hold water and it does .I have sympathy though, even “compassion” for those of us SLOW to lace up those dusty ole newbalance once more and take to the streets or better still, take to the grass ( less trauma to the ankles & knees ). We’ll get through this…
I’ve tried repeatedly to get my kin especially stoked about “being in motion” running jogging the brisk walk ANYTHING; it’s been somewhat the chore I’m saying…

The challenge to unpack the idea of a daily ‘lower power’ ( tired of saying running ) routine many see a plethora of impediments in the way, bad knees just low energy in general what not else. Health benefits aren’t convincing enough there are STILL walls seems no way to outweigh the forces of inertia like – TV FaceBook the Tele & so called ‘Food’ ( yes eating as a pastime ) …

Were now use to being “towed around” and that’s all to it what can be done.
How do I sell the all encompassing net positive gains of the walk without sounding like overkill? Well I don’t, I continue to be about it – bring light. I made the mistake of proselytizing health before and I become something of an amusement (laughingstock) nevermore. But my own transformation cannot be denied, it all begins within once again rings true. Brute logic again fails while peace & understanding reigns supreme, there it is…

Purely Anecdotal

Since my crew has been on our workout routine part of it is  running.  We’ve notice a sizeable increase in the number of people out and about walking & running from just a month ago in the evening around 6.30. Why should we not take cred in some respect as most people are followers & feel awkward not doing what everyone else is doing . If you saw how barren then streets were against now there’s definitely a “there there” … Let them fight their own inertia rather than go against us through pride,  through “compassion” we notice more receptivity to our causes. Just emit



~ by BE LIKE WATER on September 25, 2011.

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