A Beautiful Lady ( AM Vibes ) …

A Beautiful lady ( AM Vibes ) …
Just a few minutes ago i’m in “the neighberhood bread line” about to read a paragraph or 2 as I wait my turn in line , i’m actually late ( last in line ). They give us FREE bread from Pubix ( FREE 12 grain whole wheat im in ) its not even a five minute walk out my front door across the street are you serious i’m there , no shame in my game. I’m in line about to soak in a few paragraps of Howard Gardners book “To Open Minds” When suddenly the woman who organizes the effort read the name of my book outloud to herself and I went into what it was about. I tell her the author is extracting all the positives from traditional chinese learning techniques and applying them to american style education. It goes into trial and error learning, that is  considering ALL variables & possibilities until reaching the right answer ( exploratory american style ) & strict repitition of set process until mastery ( traditional Chinese style ) the pros and cons of both and ultimately a synthesis between the 2  …

She said we definately needed to find ways to improve the education of young people I agreed and amplified how I was just passed through grades for the sake of the schools I attended keeping a high ranking, thats how prodominantly “white schools” got down ( just send them through ), anyway its viewed as more of a process or defensive strategy as opposed to having anything to do with “race” ( right pragmatism , RIGHT right… ) let me digress here . We were sent to schools in mostly white neighborhoods YES our parents even lied about our home address . White school were seen as “better” high status even coming up circa 1990, which is a whole topic in and of itself. Anyway my kin, she ( the lady ) went on to say how we needed more positive young people like myself in the community I replied that we are here we just dont get shine as often, negativity gets the spotlight, perhaps its human nature who knows. The most F up among us gets more love thats how it be’s… That means people sympathize more with the degenerate elements in the community/hood than the dudes building kingdoms in the background, all types of scrutiny is leveled on them …

What a beautiful conversation to start the day as opposed to Deon Sanders marriage woes , but I digress…


~ by BE LIKE WATER on September 26, 2011.

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