Having The Best Of Things ( nectar of life )…

Having The Best Of Things ( nectar of life )…

Krishna was an enlightened master and a KING -ST

By now we should have “unlearned” poverty consciousness taught to us early on. We are now making epic leaps in life – here here ! We were trained to consume rather than create and to expect $ ONLY after  14 days of  sacrifice( what a strange ritual ) . NOW Rather than express disdain for those who have $ , we are becoming MORE attractive, sticky to lifes heights I mean, the best of things. Now suddenly all who were use to our lowly cautious ways are rebelling against us seeking to “put us in check” for growth ( F* that ) .

We may look arrogant as our pressent circumstances may not match our aura. I disagree, it will be our very shine that will brings to us that special nectar of life we crave and through constant eleveation we rise to. Those things we deem as befitting. No lowly spirit can handle this transition keeping true to our critics shaming ways we fall back into a lowly state F* that …

I really feel blessed that I have NEVER felt poor. What a misfortune of fate to actually FEEL poor even if our circumstances would support it. It would mean that we expect a certain level of mistreatment especally from people who have or who are about things, and thus explains our envy . There is no greater poverty than poverty of mind. For it feeds on itself and makes a hell of our own lives and the lives of those around us. You ,We deserve all the best of things, the finest experiences dare I say it even to be loved and missed while away. $$$$ will come as we dive into life full steam there is definately no shortage of ways to get it.


There is no righteousness in poverty my kin, especally US of years beyond 30, we arent as bright as we seem it would appear. Has our creativity & life force led us astray I seriously doubt it . We simply fall to habit. F that shake that off, we are here to experience the heights – the best of things EXIT…


~ by BE LIKE WATER on September 26, 2011.

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