“That Soothsayer BS”… ( I self reflect on my “abyss” )

“That Soothsayer BS” ( I self reflect ) …

I am you – ST
Just doing some reflection on with I have been writing about lately, is it the same old Pollyanna bullsh*t or what. I know people would rather click away from garbage than respond unless it becomes popular then they can get shine by it. I’m critical of my writing because for 1 I haven’t yet built for myself the kingdom on earth I so often speak about & 2 I know I am flawed and I work hard daily to become, wait for it … “A master of life” ( I know I just sounded corny AF , fair enough ) …

Things are moving along though I have plans to shoot some footage on Friday in HD I have to shout out to my comrade Andres for the support I think the team is strong and we are all about getting $$$ the righteous way thoroughly, that is to say; without harming MF’s in the process UNLESS well, I digress . I say to you with all seriousness my kin – be very selective about who is in your circle of power it is no small matter, leave all dead weight behind as brother FREEMAN illuminated over at riseandgrind.com with supreme clarity today. Actually if you start your monday with any hustle anthem type vibes you need to pass by riseandgrind.com first thing to get that ETHER, not since the 90’s have I rewound some sh*t 3 & 4 listens like it was Nas Illmatic Tape ( cop that ) .

I know I told yall I got rid of my boxing coach my sons was like, it’s like that son I said WORD. You disrespect me once on some random bizarre ish I will take that L . But never again, on everything… It’s a minor setback because dude is old school like I said before and that ethic or training is lost today. I see it rare that any student like myself would undergo rigorous training without complaint none wants to struggle for mastery at anything these days ( culture of mediocrity ) . I have a old school mexican boxing trainer in mind but its 50/50 because I left his camp before…

I had to adjust my diet as my paper is not as right as I would like I can’t splurge on all organic  for now though I would like to, I’m going to sacrifice optimal nutrition for a short while to save more cash I talked to the creator about it & the heart is content so it is what it is … 30$ ain’t sh*t for groceries anymore… My kin keeps telling me to get food stamps and I read in passing today how food stamps are on the rise I forget where ( found ) . I don’t know fam I sort of enjoy the struggles, keeps me on my toes because in my mind i’m already there ( success ) it’s just a matter or connecting the dots ( process ) without falling asleep at the wheel …

I’m going to try to keep it as raw as possible because I know we are going though similar travels so salute to all, brother’s sister’s friends and foes alike. I would be disingenuous to promote some glowy vision on life where no real life trials exist. My music is at a halt I dont know what to say about it besides I’m the illest emcess you never have heard. I love music Hip Hop I breathe and F you if your idea of HH is what’s on the radio today…

Anyway my goal through music was always sovereignty beyond anything NOT to be a robot. A 9 to 5 puppet as Killah Priest would say. So to that end I speak and write hopefully the vibes are real and keep pushing fam read my sh*t on Mental Funerals you will most enjoy believe, F it I’m a writer too add that to the list … EXIT



~ by BE LIKE WATER on September 27, 2011.

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