Age and Exercise ( not the right to vote ) …

Age and Exercise ( not the right to vote ) …

Since the phrase “making excuses” is hot on these cloudy streets right now by way of “our” 1st black president addressings a “mostly” black audience; youve read or heard enough about it… On the strength of the presidents words the entrenched black democrat goose steepers are at it again guilting, shaming & doing they’re darnedest to corral ( cattles fate ) the angry black masses back to the slaughter as in no representation ( todays TODAYS I said TODAYS democratic party did he said todays’ YES I said TODAYS democratic party circa 2011 ). We who  refusing to take the painful branding iron lettered DP on the face could only be  passive armchair revolutionaries or even separatists – right right…  The same people who voted democratic last go round on the carousel ( now experiencing buyers remorses ) who fell slighted by the good  presidents sweeping & dare I say “inconsiderate” remarks in lieu of the “black condition” HERE in america real time are deemed mere idle complainer ( well F* you your not getting my vote Mr President ) . I digress…

Yes i’m going to say using OUR age as the main reason for not pushing the body to its limits through exercise is “making excuses”… The body is so forgiving, it has digested and processed piles & piles of – for lack of better words JUNK in and out through our “innocence” & unfettered eating ways . Through our ignorance of health we ate what ever looked appealing to the eye ( like toddlers ? )  or what was the traditional eats for better or for worst ( tradition is good , the best of it ) . The body WAS so forgiving when we knew no better but now it costs to be ignorant in the form of wreckless plate pileing habits and this will be a major factor in our aversion in some cases FEAR of exercise ( we should not blame our age on this, we should blame ignorance thats the real killer ) . If we would sacrafice only 1 hour a day we would see respectable gains why not ?

And belive me I know full well that many of us simply REFUSE to change and I accept that I just say stop making excuse we should admit to ourselves firstly that we are just not willing to “change”.  And stop complaining the people who choose healthier diets LIKE non meat centered diets about how unfun whats on they’re plate looks to you thats just a distraction from the real reason you wont loose that gut which is “EXCUSE MAKING”…


Red Pill…


~ by BE LIKE WATER on September 28, 2011.

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