Religious YET Evil…

Religious YET Evil…

Dont watch what people say watch what they do… – Unknown

F * you to all those hiding behind a religous banner and deceiving & abusing people at the same rate. F the “we all fall short” excuse, you will be judged just like you have judged harshly. I really would like those who use religion as a weapon to know that you will be given no free pass. You will be treated as the evil lot you are.

Recently I “witnessed” who I thought to be a truly spiritual person morph into an ugly wordly status seekers/social climbing b*tch . She is such a bull sh*t conformist now I actually liked “liked” her. Now I avoid her cant hold a conversation without feeling like I am dieing. Perhapse I was wrong for actually assigning her the lable;”spiritual”, its what she seemed ( sorry ) thought she was a win, turned out to be mad shallow . And naturally once I fell back she resorted to indirect posturing its cool. I expect that action from evil b*tches. Now all is in the clear and all is fair. Beware of the overly religious my kin they are some of the most poisonous as they stifle our keen antennae with flurrys of scriptures like clouds of smoke . Through feigned stratus  they move in for the kill evil as sin.




~ by BE LIKE WATER on September 30, 2011.

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