Elmatic Instrumentals ( Ether ) …

Elmatic Instrumentals ( Ether ) …

My pen touch the paper then my brains blank – Nas

I mean how to explain, all praise be to all creators. Will Sessions, a sick band out of the D ( Detroit ) absolutely killed everything with this offering (“The Elmatic Instrumentals,”) . I mean, prime ether , paying total homage to the masterpiece Illmatic by Nas backed up by the gods of True School  Hip Hop beats – which was something of a epoch event in itself.  This landing by WS only etches more into stone the immortality  of the IIlmatic Album & earns Will Sessions top rank; maximum respect , and so far all who I have shared the CD with have asked for a copy.  Cop this !!!

Listen ti this – Memory Lane by W S Instrumental  ( prime ether ) 

The drums are f*ing sick just sick I cant belive this they really killed EVERYTHING ( about to shed a F*ing tear ) …

The Science W S Breaks it all down…

Dj Premiers  impromptu listening…



~ by BE LIKE WATER on October 1, 2011.

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