Invest In iPad stocks ( a chase ensues) …

Snatch & grab ipad addition damn…

So a group of kids are on campus Deboing ipads & smart phones from the students.  I’m chilling with my people them from public safety just chopping up game scoping the honeys on campus , pretending to be working you know how it bes… When suddenly this girl yells to my comrade ; security that kid stole my ipad.

Actually we live for sh*t like that so we double back with the quickness. The kid is trying to play it cool ( a black kid probably in high school )  I go to the kid , dude just give it back its all good. Then my boy walks towards the kid and kid takes the F* off on some Usain Bolt type ish.  And keep in mind we train everyday for these fun events I ensue on golf cart.  Man we should have just assumed dude would run & cased the whole scene prior – hindsight 20/20 and all that right.  I  wasnt capeing at all, just thought the kid needed to give the student her sh*t back.  Mind you, i’m not security I work at the gym I shouldn’t be driving theyre golf cart let alone chasing the bad guys, got to make work fun F* it.

So ipad kid breaks ( dashes )  into the parking lot and hides out, meantime a few other security officers have cased in another ipad kid in the parking lot.  I tells my boy the other kid we were chasing is hiding somewhere in this area as I point,  a student yells out there he is and dude bolts off again . The other kid took off too so its just a fun wreck  these kids knew them white boys couldn’t catch them . The kid we were chasing crossed the road off campus dude was smart I cant lie, he knew exactly how to play it from start to finish. End of story out of our hands now( they’re hands i’m just having fun ) .

So ipads are THIS hot on the streets right now to  where groups of teens are hunting for them on college campuses & blatantly snatching them out of peoples hands ? Sh*t , steve jobs did a hell of a job hyping these high priced  status symbols/ car notes.  Witness the other side of mass materialism its beyond me to extract from. I mean if this is any indication of whats to come it seems like Apple is a good stock to own all around; the streets are talking, & people need to be having Fire ( protection )  on deck . To deal with would be fools. The sickness the sickness …



~ by BE LIKE WATER on October 1, 2011.

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