Positive Imagery ( and other such fluff i.e. “The Secret” ) …

Thinking and not doing is actually the reason for suffering in and of itself just live  in flow that is all … – ST

You gotta love it when MF’s  get a hold of a kernel of knowledge & through ignorance or greed mislead the people with it. I say go to the main source of the knowledge itself. The book of the dead The bhagavad gita ancient knowledge itself. I am increasingly dismissive of these self help gurus. I do like Napoleon Hills book “think and grow rich” its pretty much the summation of the entire genre & its a classic, most others are remixes with more detailed or  intricate steps to master.  The truth of the matter is following a list of steps given to you by someone to live your life is insane to me ESPECIALLY since everyones path is unique.  However some principles  ring true since time immemorial, these concepts aren’t new experience them for yourself . Like I said my kin we should  get back to basics ( ancient knowledge – the timeless ) and veer away FAR away from those who peddle in watered down derivatives, for your sanity’s sake  as they’res respectfully…

– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on October 3, 2011.

One Response to “Positive Imagery ( and other such fluff i.e. “The Secret” ) …”

  1. Deep concept here.

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