Anger Again ( I rise above ) …

Anger Again ( I rise above ) …

1. A place where a person’s foot can be lodged to support them securely, esp. while climbing.
2. A secure position from which further progress may be made More »

Anger the great foothold – ST
I’m going to praise myself today I did not allow anger to rise up . I’m crossing the intersection right, ( ritual run ) the approaching traffic is halted so I bolt across . As i’m nearly fully acorss a car that was not moving whatsoever floors it nearly strikes me ( wtf I think ) . I turn and beam into the drivers face it was a “black woman” ( I wasnt surprised actually ) she had more of a frightened look than anything ( guilty ) not apologetic expression not I was texting and not paying attention my “bat senses” ( intuition ) says she did it out of spite to kill my high ( many black woman hate black men period – nothing like it in any other races relationship between the men with the woman ) and rather than get mad which i’m convinced was her unconscious aim . I caught my breathe clapped break, like we use to do in football practice huddle and finished my run strong…

It wasnt a trivial incident to me at all as anyone knows how anger steals so much vibe especally during physical strain ( running ) cooler heads prevail I prevailed b*tch. This speaks to a larger point had I reacted out of anger and did what I had half a notion to do for playing with my life. I would have cheated myself thats the best way I can say it. Not worth it at all i’m not even going to unload on that braud some choice words because its not worth the tax ( karma ) . My anger cant be stoked I stoke anger. That is to say, i’m not against anger itself I directed it .  I am  outraged for example if any  defeatist thoughts rise to my consciousness . I work to prevent the manipulation of anger to rise in me by anyone, ment to topple my peace & cloud my sight I work to deflect such madness amen.



~ by BE LIKE WATER on October 4, 2011.

2 Responses to “Anger Again ( I rise above ) …”

  1. Whats the purpose of this concept:anger management?
    But good post though:made me lol.

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