Some Thoughts …. ( randomness )

I have been recharging lately – after a wave of writing its as if a new spark or wave has to begin.  I recharge refresh reload & break.  I wish I could offer new felts daily freshly woven!!!Here are some things that keep sparking . I’ve been reflecting on how important diet & exercise is to my own well being, & how heaviness & weightiness is actually a detriment to my own  spiritual growth.  So much so that I don’t know if I could manage had I not gained certain knowledge about it. I simply could not exist with a junk diet & trust I speak from knowing. That is no strike against whomever, its my own path & the rath of ignorance for me is times 10 because of what I know.

Its no accident my kin, the road our travels & its nearly cliche, this journey is no accident at all. Everything is auspicious on this path. If we look at how our lives have unfold every ebb & flow was meant,  they  prepared us for what was to come, is it not ?



~ by BE LIKE WATER on October 8, 2011.

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