Toxic Vibes & “Healthy( ? ) ” …

Toxic Vibes & “Healthy( ? ) ” ( troubled spirit )

I’m not one to blast on anybody just because they don’t eat as healthy as the next. We can only know what works best for us personally, & I mean that with no condescention attached my kin .

Now if a friend were to ask me ; say ST , what can I do to loose my gut ( ? ) , I will sparingly make suggestions considering what I know about them. I usually give minimal tips like “drink more water” or ask them whats theyre favorate fruit / vegetable & suggest they have more of them or even suggest where to buy healthier for the low ( which I will be paying more attention to in the near future, spacifically for my Miami kin, but not limited to ) .

Often we dont really mean to apply what is offer as tips at all. Some just want to hear advice, obviously thats not always the case, just the truth.

Optimal living is all encompassing so nutrition & exercise is only one aspect of reaching our heights. Healthy relationships , positive vibes , righteous work & giving are a few other important parts to completing the circle as “light bringers” …

I have witnessed myself “healthy” types  only on the physical level, I retract , not even , some of these healthly types are fit and all yet have toxic spirits & very low vibrations ( off vibes ) I cant jibe with them, I work to NOT become this type. Done…



~ by BE LIKE WATER on October 9, 2011.

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