What the F is up – “workplace politics” ( everybody’s crazy )…

What the F is up ( everybody’s crazy )

When you broke a b* talk to you any kind of way – The Homie Plies

I’m going to write briefly about the social dynamic/ politics  where I work , though I dont plan on staying there forever. Until I can make “something” crack open i’m going to offer my work ANY work it may be to the creator , via my basics are covered give thanks . Were support staff at the local college making a decent lick for basically being “at hand” . But belive me when its time to make it happen we come through always. And I will gladly take this side step than be totally broke and dependant on the “good graces” of others ( at the mercy ) . These days more & more even kin operate from the base nature wherein, favors arent favors they are the means by which others feel they can control you & are over you in some respect. Intelectually, mentally & even spiritually, I’m sure you’ve heard someone remark how blessed by god with good fortune they are which would suggest that we experiencing hardships at the time are not right with god somehow ( pure utter BS ) …

On to the story folks…

F*ing with people….
There was this dude where I worked cool dade man. Laid back never starting sh*t with anyone. Well for weirdo entertainment people would try to get under this dudes skin. He was in charge of theyre group and rightfully so. Anyway, a couple of other dudes in the group would constantly do sh*t to made the guy mad, not listening to instructions, generally horseplay and all forms of childish sh*t with the aim of making the guy snap. And finally it happens , it was a culmination of things, anyway he lost the  job & everyone made it seem like he was over reacting & unstable… This is where I get the title of this post from – what the F* is going on ( ? )

I mean how is it NORMAL & i’m certain the manager knew about the way they hassled the guy for kicks, acting like total retards towards the guy at work, this isnt the play ground & when son finally had enough he is made out to be “the crazy dude”. How is it normal to bother son all the time and expect nothing to come of it. Make me understand, because as I see, he was the reasonable one & the fools who got a kick out of messing with him were the wierdos.

As for myself I see throught them all , plus i’m a black dude in a 98% no black department. I’m that dude that refuses to ask for help & my co workers resent that, I have asked for help in the past and I was made to look like I was wrong for asking so now I dont ask sh*t of anyone. And truth be told I only asked for help because I had helped them in the past it wasnt a favor. So now I cut them short whenever they come around “offering to help” . I say I will take care everything no matter how great the task. That team player sh*t is BS F* off…

I can shoot the breeze with the best of them & I can handle the F*ckery but why should I – I didnt sign up for it. You might say i’m uptight whatever. Fact of the matter is for some starnge reason people seem to get a kick out of iritating others & I find that to be the wierdest sh*t to be seen as normal , & I have no tolerance for b*tchassness at all I need my job to plant these seeds & I will be damed if I allow these cowards to snatch my dinner plate. Done



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