unity revisited ( moving forward regardless ) …

unity revisited

“If your not going backwards your going forward”  – Freeman
So today our boxing coach mans-up and admits he acted “b*tch made” ( his words not mine ) a few weeks back!!!! He asks us to accept his apology for acting b*tch made & ranting about some trivial sh*t a few weeks back, & we did. We were in the dojo & he passed by as we were set to begain the regiment. This is good news, though my brother says the same sh*t is likely to happen again ( another random blowup ) I totally agreed but the main point is to move forward regardless.

And do our best to de-escelate situations before they turn bad ( zen sh*t ) . On my life we will move forward with training we may not become famous or ever known boxers thats not the aim, but we will set a high standard and excell in what ever we do as men for our familys . We dont know where were going to land but 1 thing for certain, its positive and were moving forward so all other concerns are nothing. You wont know about us because we arent out here killing the next brother for less, or harming others for matterial ends

Were just making things happen while they’re watching. One of us wants to be a cop another to lock the marketing game down, me I just want to help others achieve theyre goals & to of course master life in general & have a lot of zeros in the number on my bank statement. Our trainer is being smart by keeping company with “brothers about things”. Hopefully he will sharpen up and transform that hair-pin trigger temper he’s cursed with which has likely prevented him from running things completely in life ( difficult character ) .

I work with people because we dont know what the guy has been through but like my brother said its likely to happen again so be it, come what may we have to push forward. I’m F*ing sick of the fact that we as black men cannot build any f*ing thing it would seem without destroying eachother in the process. We would seriously take over if we could erase the conditioning that makes us fiercly compete with the next brother to the point of irrational results ( violence ). Done…



~ by BE LIKE WATER on October 11, 2011.

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