Spirituality ( rightous work ) …


Spirituality ( righteous work ) …

Someone who is naturally spiritual might have difficulty even explaining it ( should everything be quantifed ). It is recognizable by those around you with whom you share bread. I dont take offence when people ask me am I a muslim because if you dont clame christianity and your black people will assume your a muslim. Nothing against Islam or christianity for that matter, applied to the utmost I have witnessed both religions flowering. Good has emitted from them both through rightous works. In essence all religions are the same in that they are tools to achieve enlightenment.

When one does what is right without seeking reward or recognition that one can be said to be applying spiritual concepts. The wise teachers speak of the rightousness of work & many are confused as to its meaning. Those who work for reward through ignorance are not said to be following the way. Through action what will come cannot be stoked. So to carryout ones works centerd on the task at hand & not its fruit is said to be righteous work. To me this is the key to success in life as I have in the past applied this knowing. I have witnessed things unfold in my favor simply from being ceneterd on the task at hand no matter how humble or “statusless”. Even children are keen enough to see when we are being kind to make them listen

( manipulation ) or simply being generous out of love.

Manipulation through action suggests uncertainity as to a reward. We want to force the process of gaining wealth or status or power we do not wish to let these things unfold. We are not in truth certain that we will know these things through our works. So through ignorace we wish to cheat the maturation process of becoming. Is it not true that ignorance will lead to folly, then is it not equally true that positivity will lead to understanding. As ones understanding multiplies does not his power increase & all the rest ? …
Spirituality is the highest calling of man, & I want it all the weath the health and the peace of mind. I thirst for peace & now more than ever refuse to be destroyed through ignorace.

Peace upon peace my kin…



~ by BE LIKE WATER on October 13, 2011.

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