YES Even Enlightened Masters See Race …

Even Enlightened Masters See Race…

I have almost no patience for people claiming not to “see color” – if by not seeing color you mean your clinically color blind only THEN do you have wings . I seriously doubt this meaning, your implying that you dont assign value or distinction to ethnic origins. This is dedicated to progressives on the rightous path, those who are flaming racist you don’t apply carry on ( deuces ) embrace your karma…

There is nothing inherently wrong in  noticeing the uniqueness of differant groups, its quite normal. But denial of racial & cultural differances is blatant ignorance is it not. Any who would belittle my writings on account of my acknowledgment of the racial factor is simply lost. My enlightened master ( Paramahamsa Nithyananda ) whom I respect more than any living being speaks about race issues, yes I said enlightned master not politician. I would take the wise words of a swami or yogi over the words of a intellectual or politician any day there is no comparison my kin. You cant even place a god beside a mortal.

Frankly it is only AA who are shaded for speaking about the racial context of any given situation & to no surprise. I’m only beginning on my drift into this field, stay tuned I have to get ready for work. Yes I am a black man who works …



~ by BE LIKE WATER on October 14, 2011.

2 Responses to “YES Even Enlightened Masters See Race …”

  1. Lmao @ “I’m a black man who works”.

    Good post bro’.

    You’re right,denying existence of racial difference is insane.

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