What we don’t get about “casual” TV watching ( the great sacrifice for “being entertained” ) …

TV ( “the box ” ) = the act of drinking poison that we may fall asleep – ST

We take lightly  the sheer volume of our consciousness capital we must spend-suspend/(expend ) sacrifice in order to be “entertained”  & enjoy “the box”. 1  picture after another in a continuous stream all to be entertained, this all in miliseconds. I can think of no other worthless sacrifice made by people who think themselves as free.

Through ignorance ( following some link related to Rosa Acosta – I know pretty shallow of me right ) I watched not even a whole minute of a youtube clip she was in ( some reality show ) & I felt like I had literally killed tillions brain cells in mere seconds. You know that dumbfounded sense you get after viewing some dumb sh*t where  you say to yourself never again . . It wasnt for the contrived element of the whole scene in itself . It was the presumptive take on reality,  the actors involved the setting the context everything It was a direct & indirect affront to my intelligence ( TV again presents 1000 of uncontested biases simply soaked in ) which I am sure many would view as “noraml” happenings.

In my case the higher self rebelled on some – who the F are these people and why should I give a F* . These are people with virtually no merit besides fame & we investing into this, this is crazy. As I said before over time this negotiantion become more and more pointed  in favor of the TV or likely we will be moved to see it for what it really is – a means of dulling the senses & take the correct action of killing the TVs power ( unplug ). Its violence ( TV ) is below the radar of the consciousness buffer. Its dulling effect causes us to crave grander explosions, the next must outdo the last & lead up to a epic scene of oblivion then super oblivion then super mega ultra gama oblivion ad infinitum or we feel somehow cheated. The numbing TV …


Via YouTube THIS



~ by BE LIKE WATER on October 16, 2011.

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