On my Zen Ish… ( action betters inaction ) …

On my Zen Ish… ( action betters inaction ) …

peace my kin , so today I bless up give thanks and like a starving zombie I get back on my grind. By the time I look up i’m on the road in sod running. I was struck at how seemless the whole process went, as I reflect when I first started running first thing, it took some effort to convince myself to just do it, now i’m going in still halfway sleep.  So I get to witness the power of discipline first hand, better than intellectual understanding is knowing through doing.

I will do a 12 hour fast today well not really, I had yurba mate tea already so anything besides water is not fasting, i’m semi fasted then. I’m doing a lot of reading about fasting lately I have uploaded a pdf of the defenitive book on fasting written in 1934 entitled The Science and Fine Art of Fasting – Herbert M. Shelton . Its so many levels/ benifits to the fasting game if your interested check the amazon reader reviews Here . ..

Lets get this paper family peace





~ by BE LIKE WATER on October 17, 2011.

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