Wintering – ( we will stay the course ) …

Wintering – ( we will stay the course ) …

Wintering = prepring for whats to come having proper knowledge & direction = Wintering

The cold weather break your spirit like a water main – Kweli

We @ waterist are wintering through “planning”. Now lets attack the winters diet shall we…
Winter presents certain undefined factors obviously weather – the cold has a “inertiaing” effect.
Then theres the tendency to be more sedentary & to favor comfort & comfort eating. In winter that means heavier warmer foods not entirely the counterbalance we may need to offset our declining activity.

In addition to our ordinary grocery list we add Kale greens . They have a fresh rich taste, a cross between collards with a light “cabbagey” kick . Kale has the antifreeze property chlorophyll hence its rich green tent & it may sound crazy to you but my experience has been that eating kale raw/uncooked keeps you warm on them cold winter-morns. Dont fret I wont say to eat them raw , I can start praising all the diverse ways to prepare kale greens but google awaits. I would rather it, if your interested – to do some seeking, it will be rich trust.

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