Define Hater ( the most overused term in the 2k’s )…

You heard the illa-Fifth what have you accomplished(?) – BlackThought ( Illa-Fifth Dynamite )

The term “Hater” has become such a blanket statement to where even dope boys are calling people not wanting crack sold round them “haters”, F* that … Now everyone with differing views is a default hater, its gone past viral to cancerous a term . Only rivaled by the “N word” in its many contradictions .

Look, I totally understand the argument that you shouldn’t criticize someone unless you can better them. I have seen  many times in the workplace for instance  where the logical candidate for a management opening would turn it down, you know that person who has been at the same job forever knows it like they live there, the excuse they use is that its to burdensome & they  don’t want the responsibility. YET they b*tch & complain about the methodologies used by whoever steps up & takes leadership ( hater ).

Now if someone disagrees with your destructive actions as mentioned above in the case of crack dealers thats not hate son thats actually constructive criticism. Which is translated to hate by you  because you think people who disagree with it are simply trying to stop you from eating. And any man that is hungry and has nuts will do anything to eat as he sees fit as opposed to starving,I copy.  I’m not going the moralizer rout you already know what it is, yet I will say we dont have to live like parasites either… Thats all i’m done



~ by BE LIKE WATER on October 18, 2011.

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