This Just Happened ( a sista in distress or… )

Why are things popping off in public spaces lately, sign of the times?

so I enter my CVS & I notice disturbed looks on the people  in line  did I just walk myself  in on the juks/a robery  ( sh*t ) ? No, I scan down the isle where I hear noise where an above average attractive  sista is  crying & screaming into her cell phone at someone ( typical drama I think ) . But then I hear the casher explain to a customer that her dude beats her obviously this wasn’t her first such incident at CVS since  the casher said these things.   I immediately think here we go i’m going to somehow be scrutinized for simply being here at the time. I pick up a few packs of cashews& head for checkout & on cue all the woman in line turn to me and I guess admonish me for not being gallant-ish toward the crying sista, its cool . I whistle & land in line as if un-fazed and oblivious. Just then the sista gets in line just before me I keep a clear distance just in case ole dude raids the spot on some crazy sh*t I can break north ( I dont want to be on worldstar for sh*t ) .  Shes crying fiercely in line as the cashier who is a sista beacons her to stay inside the store & advises her to leave the dude who from what I understand was waiting for her in the car parked outside. I was at once impressed by the way the cashier talked to the other younglady on some real sister -to- sister  ish but to no avail.   She just cries more and more and rushes outside, the cashier then says to me how sad it is I though about it and I says – well I don’t know whats going on but obviously shes not ready to leave the guy for whatever reason. She agrees and says it seems that the sista like the attention  its obvious she needs help they need help of some sort but like I said I dont know the full details i’m not taking sides and getting caught in the coss fire F that.

I tells the cashier I like her style & I break . As  I exist the store I notice the sista in distress is by the wall next to the exit begging the dude to get out of her car, she glances over to me and my cape nearly was activated but my bat instinct said mind your own ST – I did.  These days you don’t want to get jammed up in some madness of others making.  Going out into public is getting to be something of a hazard as the economy worsens this will be more & more common I keep saying. Social order is slowly diminishing all these signs drive this home. I’m not saying to be fearful of going out in public but prepare to get out of dodge in a flicker when sh*t goes bad, be keen…



~ by BE LIKE WATER on October 18, 2011.

One Response to “This Just Happened ( a sista in distress or… )”

  1. Good form man, good form.

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