Fear of Success ( self defeat ) …

I can honestly admit my kin, that at one point I feared my greatness;  self absorbed as it may sound. I didn’t have the confidence to deal with the advent of conflict. I relished my comfort zone & because of which lost ground. Through circumstances I was surrounded by people who constantly downed me & my vision . Me, thinking I was oblivious to negative energy suffered greatly. I should have got the F from around those haters ASAP instead I endured for years which was ALL my F*ing fault.

Not giving a F* about the words of others is probably the greatest blessing on the righteous path.  There is no way to succeed if what peoples say( do nothings ) can drain our energy.  I’m telling it first hand & if I don’t reach my  successes it wont be because of getting mad at what people spout. The inner slave must die no other way end of story…




~ by BE LIKE WATER on October 19, 2011.

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