Ignorance/Stupidity ( n* moment ) …

Nate Dogg – These Days 

The righteous path aint easy but its worth it – can you imagine living in the hell of worldly content F* that – ST

So i’m riding my bike to work, its 3 miles to & fro for over 3 years I have had no problems its a way of life, sure the occasional scrape with fate &  random “wft just happened moments” like last month a cop got on the intercom and asked me if my bike was stolen ( cop: is that bike stolen ) as he drove by ( wtf? ) ,  typical fare. And it was the time some dude at the bus stop tried to set me up , some white dude asked me for the time then walks away  not ten seconds later i’m surrounded by undercover cops, & the dude who asked me for the time runs away ( wtf ? )  like I said typical fare…

But today with nothing short of  “n word  sh*t” …  So I notice this car with dark tints is approaching in the middle of the street behind me ( a 2 lane street N/S ) , I cut to my left and look back like wtf…  So dude winds down his window like on some gay sh*t grilling me on my bike. I ask is everything good & this coward turns down the next street and says everything good. Wtf just happened n* is crazy !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m on a bike and this MF is tripping , my kin what the F is going on… I mean dude acted like he wanted to fight me, i’m this close to getting a concealed weapons permit these fools trippin’…

Why is it MF hate to see a brother existing,  next thing today i’m crossing 114 and I have a witness ( my boy Dre saw the whole thing ) this weirdo in a civic sped up just to try to cut me off,  these are some envious weenie “N words” out here. Toe to toe I would probably drop 99% of these cowards. But they want to play games on the road  VS a bike. These cowards need to get in the gym & put down the estrogen latent dead animal flesh they been eating making them all  B*tchified ( excuse my language kind of vexed ) . So envy doest grip they’re heart when they see a real O G … I’m done

UPDATE : I have resolved to smile at the police & people grilling & sizing  me or people looking at me weirdly. I will not respond in kind to negative energy F* that. Think whatever, i’m sick of seeing people with a facial expression like theyre walking the yards of Rikers Island “we’s free” MF’s.



~ by BE LIKE WATER on October 20, 2011.

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