The Good Ruler…

The Good Ruler

The idea of being a good ruler resenates a lot. I’m inspired by the deity Krishna who was an enlightened master & a king! Not only was dude wise beyond measure he was also rich beyond measure = ETHER. It is said that lord Krishna had over 13,000 wives whos every need he tended to with love & effection, as if each wife was his sole concern & they felt as such. A good ruler, my thoughts…

As a good ruler It is important to have a supreme vision , a noble goal like ending bloodshed  forever more. You should encourage harmony & welcome council. As a good ruler you should prepare for disaster and famine far in advance. You should encourage learning in all subject matters  especially history. You should make everyone feel at home in your pressence & very sparingly choose the rod over the olive branch. If and when there is conflict from naboring kingdoms imposing, you should assure your people of a favorable outcome. Upon victor you should rebuild swiftly & offer the familys of any slain in battle life long support.


This has been an exercise in the study of power your welcomed to add on.




~ by BE LIKE WATER on October 20, 2011.

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  1. Very Nice.

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