King Ish ( holographics )…

The ego must DIE – ST

…so yes holograms( google ) , we’ve all heard of them… As I see all things around us are “projections” “mental holograms” only defined in our own image. We blast the world from varying sides -be it  emotions be it life experiences whatever . What then appears on the screen before us  ( via optics ) are  images colored by our “personal lenses on the world” ( walk with me ) .  You can go on youtube to see how holograms are made;  amazing isn’t it…

Whats more, we are conditioned to operate from the holograms of other ( do you follow ?) That is to say, the illusions project onto us, we too absorb  ( weird right ? ) . Since we are all connected as space is yet another hologram –  forces interact upon one another, meeting to form  coalescence ( WATCH THIS “pendulum wave” ) .

How to not become a mere projection ? This is deep because it actually challenges “free will” . It is sad that we all are not born knowing of these things we speak & thus remain subjected to social engineering – being formed into the projections of the dominant group. Others who benefit from being formed, who are then able to live out the dominant groups vision of heaven scoff at those who labor under a limiting projection of who they are by the “ruling hologram wielders”.

Blessed are those who know of the airy nature of things & thus are not weighted down because of it. No matter what is projected unto us we are above ( vibrating higher )  & reflect our  light back onto the world. All of that to say knowing our own worth is blessed – knowledge of self…



~ by BE LIKE WATER on October 22, 2011.

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