Random Vibes ( peace ) …

We prevail not because of but in spite of the odds – Random

You may have noticed I havent been writing lately . The reason why. I just dont want to keep talking about the same sh*t. I had another near fight with some random hispanic dude at work. I knew he was a hater from the jump envous day laborer cat . I wasnt going to risk my easy ass job for that looser  . Also just today on my run 2 black woman dressd in white ( united way ? ) refused to move to one side of the sidewalk as I approached so I ran on the road to pass them exposing to all the passers by how some of our woman are as it was rush hour traffic. Besides that our fight club is making power moves and I am getting stronger on the heavy bag still working on form & combinations but i’m happy with the way things are going. Also the last 3 days I’ve been working on this beat for a new project I will share the the finished product upon completion stay tuned.

Its time that we take creative control we all must value our creativity even when the critics ( failed artists ) ignore it . If a dollar can be made the creators should take lions share F that . Anyway heres the track my kin…

LastlyI have really been seeing how against us as black men this society really is & while it is messed up man.  Knowing that nearly everyone wants to see us fail including others who “look like us”  . It is what it is better to be in the know than darkness  so to speak. I will have more meaningful offerings soon my vibe is on a trillion we will prevail.







~ by BE LIKE WATER on October 27, 2011.

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