Down Sisters ( how to identify them )…

Down Sisters ( how to identify them )

I was listening to a brother on youtube ( @11:00 ) run it down. He was having a hard time securing his benefits as a army veteran. He chanced up a brother with a veteran logo on his hat who he explianed his situation to. The brother told him about a sister who works on the inside who would fix the problem for him as she understood the process better than most and she likes helping black veterans ( a down sister ).

I reflected on the many instances where I was helped by woman of her high caliber & they are easy to identify. Just as it is plain to see  when a sister might be giving you a hard time for no apparent reason while you handle bussiness during the day. Down sisters simply want to see us win. I can go way back to my first grade teacher Mrs Mason . She would not accept failure from me & had my best interest at heart it was impossible for me to disaapoint her as she believed in my abilities as a student. Come to think of it a lot of old school black teachers were like this to some degree the good-old-days…
Theres the sister who always gives me a dollar or 2 off just as a show of down-ness. I can run down a few exaples but no need. I encourage brothers to share intel when it comes to this. Point out the down sisters & warn of the haters as it will save time and money in the end. Salute to down sisters I’m done.





~ by BE LIKE WATER on October 30, 2011.

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