lol I just got sized by a retarded white boy @work ( smmfh ) …

long story short – dude at work plays around too F*ing much & for  some reason this weirdo thinks its ok to  punch my shoulder on some 5th grade ish . I told dude before I don’t horseplay since then 2 weeks has passed dude continues to do the sh*t.  Today I tell dude he better go somewhere with that sh*t and he got mad saying saying some retarded sh*t and a dude I works with ( white boy )  looked at me like your going to let that ish slide ( instigator ) I just walked away . My kin whats going on ? I would break my his face man but whats the point . They are use to these plantation minded negros I suppose , that go along to get along , sure I need my job at the time but that doesn’t mean I stand for dumb sh*t i’m not that dude.  Its better to walk away from dumb sh*t, you know what it is… M.O.C. ( money over caucasians ) …


-ST ( from the frontlines ) …


~ by BE LIKE WATER on November 2, 2011.

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