we do things ( quick update on my fight club ) …

A brother came through today saying he knows boxing,  muti,  american wrestling & some jiu jitsu.  I invited dude to train with us, so on thursday dude is  joining the clan. People want to know what are we training for I always say success. The goal is independance from 9 to 5 puppet status & the scarcity mindset it breeds. We haven’t quite figured out how to make money from this yet but cats is hungry and tired of “punching in” . A few ideas are on the table but for now forward motion trumps  stagnation agreed?


UPDATE : I just invited a sister I know to join the clan she was apprehensive because she doesn’t like sweating she says , it is what it is we will see how it plays out…



~ by BE LIKE WATER on November 2, 2011.

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