Knowing ( a great outpost ) …

Knowing ( a great outpost ) …
To rid ones self of proving, may all men awaken his knowing. -ST
Today I spoke with this beautiful sister, she was so full of life & warmth our converation on the surface was mad trivial but the body language conversation was ETHER. She does ethnic dance where I now work. She got the curly little fro & door-knocker earings going . A throwback vibe about her reminiscent of the sisters back in the 70’s, a pleasant feminineness , forgive me if I embellish.

I’m going to play it cool shes mad young no more than 20 I say. Meaning subject to peer review ( her gril friends opinions ) & i’m not jumping through hoops thats the old man speaking now. I will definately be reporting back I been had this one on the radar the vibe is unmistakable we will see…

Now about the knowing & i’m not hopefully reading to deep into things here. To not be subject to anyones meter. I have dicided not to defend ego against attacks. I have been noticing whenever peopel attempts to attack my ego they are really disturbed. It happened twice today, when side comments & remarks were said I replied “ok” not a loaded ok, like I was disturbed by what they had said . It was a ok as in I see what your trying to do and its ok, carry on.

I noticed later in the day, said individual wore a troubled expression, could it just be the return of negative energy that was not obsorbed by intended target – me? I kind of have sorrow for them as it is clear they see no other way of being. And by not  reacting to attack seems to have further dismays them, stay keen my kin.



~ by BE LIKE WATER on November 4, 2011.

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