conversation in obsurdly long checkout line ( a disagreement) …

Do we want to co-exist or WIN ?!

I enter my so called neighborhood ( a laughable notion ) dollar store .I see a gang of customers  are waiting in a ridiculously long line having a single cashier up front while the other register is unattended . The customers are all black while the cashiers are white hispanics . The customers all have hard expressions on they’re faces yet none has said a word about opening the second register. You already know black people as a group have come to accept poor service, being humiliated by transacting through 3 inch bullet proof glass & of course being hawked while shopping. Now a brother starts complaining to me & another dude. I then say, we need to take our stores back black people should be working here this is our neighborhood.  He replies; with all due respect do you think it would be any better ( wtf ) ? Is this guy serious , I then says the language barrier is a major issue in business or rather the faked language wall of  defense.  Now just a second ago this cat was complaining now hes singing we are the world no wonder , alls I can say is no wonder.  Then he says hes a history teacher & I didn’t know what that had to do with anything save for him being brainwashed but I said well its my opinion and he replied with something about freedom of speech in this country you know the typical house negro refrain…


So the focus goes from the situation at hand to ni**ger sh*t.  Now to long a ago a  dude I went to school with was beat to death by arab store clerks inside the store over a disagreement ( caught on video ) & when I mentioned boycotting the place you know the typical responses . These arabs exploit black dysfunctional habits like poisoning ourselves via substance or poor spending habits in general. I’m  sick of seeing people live off of us like batteries in the matrix while at once stepping on our necks to gain the favor of whites by doing so.  End rant





~ by BE LIKE WATER on November 6, 2011.

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