Natural Game / Hard work ( waterist spin, why now ) …

Witty unpredictable talent & natural game – GZA

Being born into a family with billions of dollars has its advantages ( old money ). Also being born white in america makes things crack open for you almost effortlessly ( just being real ) . I watched this documentary on youtube yesterday called one percent . Its shot in documentary form by a dude born into that 1% who control nearly half the country’s wealth ( 47% or so ) .  Its interesting –  check it when time allows…

Something that struck me as ETHER when I first read the autobiography of malcolm x was where he outwitted the police who stopped him for driving while black at a certain time in a  “sundown town“. Little did the cops know that dude was fleeing the scene where he just burglarized a home.  Malcolm feigned lostness & played the  dumb negro role which saved his skin in short. He mentioned how being underestimated in a lot of ways is an advantage, ( here here )  and this is why I dont try to prove to people how “smart I am”, I had a manager who describe me as “sneaky” jokingly, but she never had anything on me to back it, I figured the dude I use to work with who I later would discover talks to her a lot – he probably told her something. Most people at work view me as the upbeat black dude  , not a strategist whatsoever ( perfect ) . I’m not contrasting myself with the malcolm x story I don’t steal in other words( just putting that out there ) .  

The guys born with expedient quality’s in society. Be it height ( which I lack 5.7) fortune ( no aquí )  whiteness ( no go ) are not naturally alpha I would say.   They are simply molded positively by the environment which stokes the confidence & cockiness attributed to those which the aforementioned quality’s( height money racial status) . I always found it low class when people brag about attributes or belittle others for factors not of they’re own doing. The tall guy who bullies around a shorter dude is retarded because they both had nothing at all to do with they’re height. 

In stark contrast we have those  who create themselves so to speak. Those who the society does not positively reinforce because of natural abilities or social status. I for one am just noticing how important height is as an example, so far as getting respect & attention from black woman especially ( this is what they think they want )   . Now for other races of men  I have not see such a pronounced line. A lot of hispanic dudes are not that tall and you still see them with beautiful woman. Whereas as a black dude your judged by the most alpha tallest charismatic dude of all black dudes. And you are treated harshly or good to what degree you measure up so to speak.  I’m in no way complaining my kin simply lawing it out as is. Asian men have it even worst as they out earn & out smart white dudes yet they’re woman are still choosing white men over them regardless, the only thing they can do basicly  is paint themselves white, it is what it is. ..

Not having height and being aggressive you get accused with the nepoleon complex bit. Wheres as a taller guy your expected & encouraged to have a take charge demeanor. Since woman are more sensitive to social dynamics they go for the dudes the society elevates again i’m not hating ( its not height in itself i’m saying ) .   So in essence being born tall gets rewarded while being born short gets punished in the cold world. The best answer is self creation as I see.  If you understand the game and how it works use it to your advantage.  We know of countless story’s where someone with natural talent in sports say, gets himself jammed up over some dumb sh*t and looses everything. The self created has discipline & determination & mostly heart as he was not nurtured into a giant he made himself one so struggle does not make him fold.

Often the fortunate destroy themselves and people ask why, because they never were forced to develop good character & who they are is based solely on positive reinforcement from the environment of course not all are this way. But being slighted & underestimated has its advantages make them yours my kin. I’m done



~ by BE LIKE WATER on November 7, 2011.

2 Responses to “Natural Game / Hard work ( waterist spin, why now ) …”

  1. You’re very right with the line about being judged in contrast to others based on height.

    • @sk

      you already know brother. And sense we understand the game we win. For every rule there is a trade off yin / yang. I’m not mad at the rules I just understand them. See pass>>>

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