I’m Employee of the Month @ work lol ( how’d this happen ) …

Work not for a reward but do the work that needs to be done – The Gita

So I go to “clock-in” on a monday morning and I see heads of the department chopping it up in the office so I try to exit swiftly ( out of sight out of mind right ? ) Then I hear congradulations on employee of the month Tory. I feign interest & surprise hopefully long enough to take the attention away from self & back to the frenzied bantering. Of course the echos of fake congradulatiors weigh in & on & on .

I can’t imagine who voted me up but obviously people did & its wild because I tend to not fratenize. Wouldnt it be counterintuitive to be “chosen” considering? More rich with insight is the social dynamics at play I cant help but to be amused . Firstly I promise I made no special effort to be “chosen” my kin. Perhaps it was the work I did last month painting the benches in our department ( about 13 of them hand sprayed ) . I must have saved them a nice grip sinse they didnt have to hire “professional painters” .

And sense I have been asked to do MORE painting & to train someone & whats more. My people told me I should somehow opt out & don’t be offering my skills to those people for nothing. But honestly I enjoy doing anything creatively related so its no sweat and check this .  The lady I blogged about a few weeks back that tried to down my painting work in ear shot of my manager has said nothing about me getting the employee of the month win. I know she is the type that things like that natters to so whats up. It only goes to further strengthen what would go on to be called the older black woman double agents in the workplace phenomenon ( smh ) …

I have to escape this because its unnatural and detrimental to spiritual growth among these holograms. I’m done.

~ by BE LIKE WATER on November 20, 2011.

One Response to “I’m Employee of the Month @ work lol ( how’d this happen ) …”

  1. Lol yea you definitely gotta watch out for the double agents:who suprisingly are the older female blacc employees.

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