Traces of thirstyness coming home to roost ( My Epic FAIL ) …

Relapses into thirstyness do come with a heavy price tag  heres my cautionary tale…

The humiliation of dealing with a chic you recently pursued who now annoys the F out of you.

You show interest in her, think shes worth “getting to know ” ( smashing ) & for what ever reason things don’t match.

Now when I spit at a chic and theres no vibe I move on, fair enough right? I swear to god I will never go for a girl at work as its fraught with complexity shall we say & money is a major issue these days granted.

This one particular broad when I see her now I keep it moving as I refuse to be seen as a thirsty dude but wouldn’t you know. Now she always has something to ask me, or offers me lunch or starts commenting about something I didn’t ask her ( basically being annoying ) . Now before you buckle this was only after about a 3 week wall of silence where I nor her spoke ( was perfect ). THEN suddenly I can’t avoid this B... I mean chic.

Well today on some random ish she accuses me of “being mean” ( wtf ) .Had I continued to show interest in her after she basically dissed me I would have been seen as thirsty & she would be avoiding or clowning me right now today – right ? Or worst accused me of harassment !  Then she said in so many words that I was mad she didnt want to go to a certain location with me on a certain day ( totally unrelated ) . And since I knew it was unrelated only to draw me into conversation I let that accusation blow in the wind & you guessed it – I kept it moving.  Hopefully she will fall back and stop exploited the fact I tried to get with her, what part of the game is this.

My Transgressions

Spitting at chics in the workplace

Not telling her to fall back much sooner …

On a side note when she speaks to me I reply in kind but if she pretends not to see me of ignores me I do the same .   Now I ask myself have I disrespected her or been mean to her in my own mind . The answer is no – I never tried to be her friend from the gate. I didn’t know her at all in general – I let her know my intentions so it cant be assumed that I implemented bait and switch pussy-begging tactics or that I tried to guilt her into my bed or much worst. Obviously she thinks i’m a cool dude and wants to be my “friend” knowing I want to F her.

I have  jammed myself up by going at a chic at work which limits  avoidance means. She knows when I come to work she even admitted to watching me from afar , I think she said that to make me thirsty, I didn’t bite. I have 2 such pending cases;  2 chics at work I spit at that now have become annoying as F & hopefully they can be resolved without a problem. I swear to god I will never again leave myself open to this humiliation. Ladies reading along please explain the psychology behind the nagging of someone who liked you but you feigned disinterest in who you thought was thirsty but really wasn’t. I’m not accusing you of being that way I just want to know the best means to close the chapter on my transgressions any help much appreciated my kin . 1




~ by BE LIKE WATER on November 23, 2011.

2 Responses to “Traces of thirstyness coming home to roost ( My Epic FAIL ) …”

  1. The title of the post made me lmao.

    But it’s a thin line to walk.It’s sought of like catch 22 where if you peruse:they runs.When you freeze her out or pay no mind:they bitch or consider you mean and they chase.

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